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First we offer a free initial consultation so that we may gain an understanding of your company and your internet marketing needs. We can conduct this consultation via email, telephone, or in person if you are Lebanon.We will determine the general number of pages and technical utilities you’ll need: a feedback or information request form, email links, databases or e-commerce abilities, MLS search capabilities, custom database applications, etc.
Then we submit a Web Site Development Proposal which will outline the contents to be developed, graphics and technical requirements, proposed timeline, and cost .
Upon your approval of the proposal we require 50% deposit. Along with this invoice, we will send  you a contract. The contract will state the project amount, terms and agreement, and other miscellaneous items.. Upon receipt of your deposit and signed contract, your website is put into our project queue.
If you have already decided on a domain to register for your website, we will register it for you or you could always do it yourself if you prefer. . In case you have not decided on a Domain name, our company will help you find the appropriate name purchase it for you and provide a host for your website.
We start the process by gathering information about your company, services, audience, purpose, site goals and more. We believe that an effective plan starts with quality information. To get quality information you need to ask the right questions.
Before any design work is done, we begin our own process of research. Many design companies will skip this step, rushing to get the project completed. Although this can still potentially result in an attractive website for your company, it will not result in the most effective website for your company.
We'll research your company, clients, local and national competition, target market or industry and probable audience. We will scour all resources to learn as much as possible about your market and goals in order to develop the most appropriate site for you.

Now is the time to start collecting materials for your website. This includes anything that you can provide us with to help us design your website; current and past brochures, logo files, business cards, photos of your staff or place of business, catalogs, text, etc. If you're selling products, we will need photos and product information.The more information and materials you provide us with, the quicker your project will be completed and the better overall results. You can email, mail, or drop by any content that you have at any time.
We will then sketch an outline detailing the site architecture. This is a description of the navigation of the site. The primary goal is to let people browse your web site easily, without confusion. A successfully designed navigation scheme must transparently direct a user toward the site's intended objective.
Next we develop graphic elements for the site such as color palettes, fonts, custom graphic images/buttons/headlines, photos and illustrations, etc. We will determine an appropriate Graphical User Interface (GUI) utilizing all of these materials according to the nature of your business. When all of these elements are agreed upon, we will create a preliminary implementation of the site design. Generally the home page and 1-2 other pages are created at this time. We send proofs of those pages as a .jpg image file "snapshot" of what the completed site will look like
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